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What is Dairy Revenue Protection?

Dairy Revenue Protection (Dairy RP) is an area-based revenue product designed to insure against unexpected declines in the quarterly revenue from milk sales relative to a guaranteed coverage level.

How will Rice Dairy support Dairy RP for dairymen?

Dairy RP will be a valuable tool, especially when used alongside other risk tools. Rice Dairy has a team of experienced risk managers that are ready to build and execute a comprehensive plan that works for you.

How will Vault support Dairy RP for dairymen?

Vault shows you what percent hedged you are (and what percent exposed)… and how. It also lets you run scenarios. RP will be a fantastic addition to this, working cohesively with the tools already provided in Vault.

When will insurance through RDRS become available?

Dairy RP will launch on October 9, 2018… but we will be prepping you every step of the way, and ready to start your policy on day 1.


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For USDA's information on Dairy RP, click here:

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